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Author Bio

GEORGETTE H. TARNOW, JD, LLM, is an attorney and author, with a background in management and elder care.  She spent 23 years as a full-time caregiver for her parents. Ms. Tarnow was praised by doctors and various health care professionals for her common sense approach and understanding of the needs of the elderly. 

Special Secret Hearts: A Child's Introduction to Dementia and Pink Curls: A Santa Claus Story--A 2-in-1 Book
Special Secret Hearts: A Child's Introduction to Dementia is the story of
Johnny, a little boy who thinks his grandmother doesn't love him anymore. Young
children, aged 3 to 7, are introduced, in a comforting way, to dementia and the
effect it can have on an elderly loved one. Dementia impacts not only the
individual, but all family members.

Pink Curls: A Santa Claus Story is a happy, old-fashioned tale about Santa and
Mrs. Santa making toys for children. Based on a bedtime story told by Georgette
Tarnow's mother, Violette Tarnow, it explains how an accident made it possible
to fulfill one little girl's Christmas wish. 

Violette Tarnow suffered from dementia for the last 20 years of her life.
Georgette Tarnow wrote about her mother and dementia in her caregiving book,
When Your Parent Becomes Your Child:  Advice for Caregivers…from a Daughter Who
Spent 23 Years Dealing with Aging and Dementia
. Just as that book was written to
help caregivers cope, Special Secret Hearts is designed to help parents explain
the effects of Alzheimer's and dementia to their children. Pink Curls serves to
remind us that dementia victims were once intelligent, creative individuals who
deserve our continued respect.
Each page is illustrated with a black and white sketch.